Monday, August 31, 2009

Hospice Garden of Peace

I had to redo some of the garden elements and here is the picture (not a close up...sorry) of me and a nurse who works at Hospice. My eye looks funny (I have chronic Irisitis). I wanted to thank everyone who helped to make this happen. Especially Lorraine at Fairymeadow Miniatures who shipped the entire finished greenhouse!!!! Thank you!!!!! The greenhouse will be viewed by those who are terminally ill, their families, and staff and have already been told that staff greatly appreciate the donation and although it is very hard to see.....there is a name above the door that reads.....Garden of Peace with a flower at the end. THANK YOU ALL!! Slowly the work on the last two donations is coming along but again, I have had appts and tests here and at other referred clinics and overnight hospitals. I am lucky to have help (my daughter who is seven loves to do Paper Minis from ) so that helps alot! I have much more to do and there have been pieces of finished work that were dropped, accidents and much more, but for being a first timer, Id say Im doing the best I can with sudden health issues with myself and my daughter, and other unforseen issues within my family (who hasnt had hard times these past few years?) Slow but steady and while the womens shelter was the home I thought I would finish first, that is where my heart is, and will probably be the last one done. The Habitat for Humanity house is going well but need to get pics taken and updated. Soon I hope!

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