Tuesday, June 30, 2009


First, I wanted to say how sorry I am that it is seems so long between blogs but we've been very busy. My father is quite ill, and I've had a range of tests, and have been trying to balance all of this with many family matters, not feeling well, and slow progress being an over excited newbie. I can say that I have enlisted help for the hopefully late July garage sale to purchase clays, and I have decided to sell many of my own collections since childhood. I am also selling all of my old craft items, clothing, cd's, movies, games, gaming systems, ect, and am trying to focus on that only right now. I have appts through this time, my father will be going through a "zebra test", and I pray that they find no cancer. I have a happy little girl who loves the summer and such a help! I received a completely finished, painted, and ready to go conservatory for Hospice. And three gorgeous arrangements!!! I had wanted an office physician to lead to the garden but lack of funding and items and the way the conservatory is going, I have opted to do just the beautiful conservatory itself. And I did some of the plants/buying overhead light, the flower at the entrance to the conservatory, and the rest of the plants/extras are gracious donations!, but truly, all of this is owed to Lorraine at Fairy Meadow Miniatures!!! I owe many many thanks to her and all those for the help, encouragement and my wonderful family. I'm very lucky. So, hopefully this should be donated officially in the next few weeks!! Thank you all!!! I took pictures but I cannot get them to show up. I will be handing that job to a friend. Photos soon as I can! Again, thank you!

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