Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just wanted to inform everyone that I will be gone for a few weeks as I have appts, my family is traveling as well to see my ill father, and all of us will be together for a short, much needed, family time. I am undergoing more testing, and currently unable to eat much, meds are making me sick to my stomach. I will post new pictures in about three weeks, I hope, of the finished furniture, clothing, and a HUGE glimpse of the conservatory for the Hospice donation. I have truly found out that roomboxes are so much easier!! I don't know how you do it all so fast! I apologize for the break, but until I'm better and my family is ok, I will only be taking kits with to work on and perhaps a few books to read : ) Trying to keep smiling so that I will not cry anymore tears over this. Trying! That's all I can do.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I have...

What I have to offer other miniaturists and hobbyists, artists, sewers, clay crafters and anyone else who love to create anything with use of their creativity is my support, my guidance, my story, my resources, my items that I've bought myself and I have the following for individuals who need assistance in donation or fundraising, just as I am!

Remnants of all sorts, some are better quality and some are the cheap 25 cent piece from Walmart. I can't pass up a cheap remnant. I LOVE tulle and have oodles of it if you need any let me know the color!! I have tons of beads but these are the old vintage three prong beads, (all the vintage items such as my lace, handsewn aprons, hats, clothing, gloves, and otherwise made of clothe I do not part with as I collect vintage clothing and fabrics), I have tons of sequins, new and very very large and ugly old ones!, perhaps some 1/4 inch scale items I've made awhile back when I could still see with both eyes!, cardstock paper (plain, or different hard colors), and many books which I could take to the library if you needed a certain page copied, etc. Some stickers, but none that work with miniatures. If you're a scrapper, and donate, that might work for you! Let me know! Now, I'm really taking a break. Doctor's orders. Nap time.

Again, thanks to all who have helped me. I will continue to make and donate homes/rooms until I cannot see or walk, and then I'll learn how to do it blind! Watch me!