Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nursing Home Dedication Completed!!

The Humane Society House (which I've posted recent pictures of) is nearly finished, the Women's Shelter house needs much more of my love and attention (as this home is the very most important to me!) and the Hospice donation is only waiting for a doctor's office but the conservatory is done and filled with flowers!!!!, then it's finished!!

I'm posting my Stewartville Nursing Home Dedication Donation - this one I did in one day (and I'm new, so criticize accordingly!!) while my furniture dried outside on the house projects. So, one of four projects is complete. As I write this, I am slipping on my shoes and will be delivering it in nearly a half hour!!
I hope you enjoy the pictures...I do hope that you leave feedback to help me learn, and enjoy! One out of four projects (plus the two dozen requests I have had since being in the paper on October 11th, 2008) is done. I have the website set up and will be taking a bit of a break here and there as I have been ill recently and have to be run thru a gammot (correct spelling? Not sure) of tests for M.S. I have in total so far, seen 15 Neurologists but recently had a bad CT. Don't pity me, I just want you to know that I'll be slow moving for awhile and apologize these homes have not finished much quicker....but again, I'm new. My foundation is in the works, and that's my dream! I want to help everyone I can! Today is Earth Day too...and my grandfather (whose dedication this is for) loved the earth!! He taught me about rocks, collected them, made miniatures!!! (I now use his tiny tools and wear his hat, knowing he's proud of me!), and was a carpenter and farmer all his life. He passed when I was four. This box is what I remember of him, and the wood, the box under the bench, candy, and rocks are all items he had in his posession. So, very fitting to have this be a bench where he worked, a rock collection, cactus (thanks helpers!) to represent Arizona where he lived for a short time, the box in the left hand side is a representation (and a poor one indeed!) of the tool boxes he made himself, and a wrapper on top as I used to sneak in and eat his old candies (they were OLD! but I loved them!), and all rocks are his own. As we dwindled everything down last year when grandma went to the nursing home (same one), certain things nobody wanted I took. He is with me as I build, with me as I nail in an impossibly small sized nail that he had for his mini's, with me as I use the very tools he loved, hold and collect the very same rocks and love for them just as he did, and best of all, put my heart into everything I do.
Grandpa, this one's for you. (Only the cactus was used from a group who sent me wonderful cactus's (which you will see in the conservatory!), everything else was his, mine, or I bought. My dream is to help donate what I make of my own "ideas" and kits to help someone make the walk I'm walking today, a reality.
Thanks everyone for listening and viewing a very special box for a man that words would not justify!!

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  1. What a lovely tribute! Best of luck with all your projects Kassie!